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PLEASE NOTE This Confluence Wiki is being transitioned to from the previous Sourceforge hosted Media Wiki. Some pages are still under construction.

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This is the main page for the TeleManagement Forum Integration Program TIP open source project hosted on the OpenOSS site. The project is known as the Joint Open Source Interface Framework (JOSIF).

The TeleManagment Forum Integration Program is a working group drawn from across the Telecommunications industry which is seeking to define the next generation of open interfaces for operational support systems. More details of this program can be found at The Integration Program

The TIP implementation project is providing an open source environment and tooling to expedite the creation and implementation of TIP interfaces. See the Overview page for a general introduction to the project.

*JOSIF Release 1.1.2 is now available for download from the OpenOSS Sourceforge site

  • Pick the workbench installer for easy installation of a tigerstripe workbench with TIP dependencies.

See details in the JOSIF Rel 1.1.2 page. |


Latest News

24 October 2012 Release 1.1.2 Workbench installer released

  • The 1.1.2 TIP Workbench installer is available here
    30 September 2012 Release 1.1.2 tagged
  • The JOSIF Team has have just completed tagging the JOSIF 1.1.2 release and deployed the JOSIF 1.1.2 artefacts to maven. See JOSIF Rel 1.1.2
  • A short video on release tagging has been added to the Updating Project Versions page
    14 February 2012 Craig Gallen OpenNMS Developer On Ramp Training
  • A series of JOSIF developer 'on ramp' training videos (recorded as gotomeeting seminars) are being released. The first three recordings have been released.
    • introduction to RI / CTK
    • Introduction to Java / EJB design patterns
    • Introduction to Web layer design
    • Release Tagging
  • See downloads at Release Plan 1.1.2#JOSIF Developer On-Ramp Training Schedule
    23 January 2012 Marc Flauw HP, Craig Gallen OpenNMS JOSIF 1.1.1 Released
  • The latest release of the JOSIF workbench installer is available for download at
  • The 1.1.1 Project Creator and Tigerstripe Plugins can also be downloaded separately from
    16 August 2011 Craig Gallen OpenNMS Started RAM RI CTK Project
  • Details of the RI and CTK framework begin created for the RAM catalyst can be found at Prototype CTK RI Project
    22 June 2011 Marc Flauw HP, Craig Gallen OpenNMS JOSIF Training at TAW Baltimore
  • Training workshop material is available at Presentations and White Papers
    6th June 2011 - Craig Gallen OpenNMS - trunk moved to version 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT
  • the majority of the trunk projects have been updated to 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT and all of the necessary Framework dependencies have been deployed to
    maven. This trunk code will be the stream for the next point release of JOSIF. To continue developing you should use subversion to update your
    trunk projects and in command window on each <NAME>BaseProject do a 'mvn clean install' followed by 'mvn eclipse:clean' followed by 'mvn eclipse:eclipse' This will ensure your eclipse installation is now pointing to the latest JOSIF snapshot dependencies.
    6th June 2011 - Craig Gallen OpenNMS - JOSIF Release 1.1.0 Released!!!
  • The JOSIF team are please to announce the availability of JOSIF release 1.1.0.
  • The new Project Creator is available from JOSIF Rel 1.1.0 TIP Project Creator (3.4 MB). Use this to create new projects which use JOSIF Release 1.1.0 generators. It can also help to generate build files which will help you update previous projects
  • The full set of 1.1.0 Profiles and Plugins can be found in the JOSIF 1.1.0 folders of the Sourceforge OpenOSS Files Page . They have also been committed to the projects maven repo
  • The individual components of this release are tagged RELEASE_1_1_0 in subversion - and if you want to check out the release artifacts you should check out the contents of each of the RELEASE_1_1_0 tags into a new work space separate from the workspace you use to work on trunk projects. Please note that only the following projects have been TAGGED. The test projects will continue in trunk to support release 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT.
    • JOSIF Framework: Soap Plugin, Doc Plugin, Profile
    • JOSIF Platform: Java Spec, Java Impl and Wsdl Impl Plugins, Base Interfaces and Classes
    • Plugin Internal Project
    • Common project
    • The SPM project has also been tagged at RELEASE_1_1_0 as an example interface which can be built using JOSIF 1.1.0
  • Trunk will soon be updated to release 1.1.1-SNAPSHOT
  • A new JOSIF Release 1.1.0 Workspace Installer will be announced shortly


See the News Archive for past news from the project.

Project Governance

The project is governed by a charter under the bylaws of the TM Forum. In order to contribute to the project, contributors must sign a contributors agreement. Details of the charter, contribution agreements and project governance are provided in the TIP Project Governance page.

JOSIF Releases

JOSIF Rel 1.0

JOSIF Rel 1.0 Describes JOSIF Rel 1.0 and how to use it

JOSIF Rel 1.1

JOSIF Rel 1.1 Describes JOSIF Rel 1.1 and how to use it

JOSIF Rel 1.1.1

JOSIF Rel 1.1.1 Describes JOSIF Rel 1.1.1 and how to use it

JOSIF Rel 1.1.2

JOSIF Rel 1.1.2 Describes JOSIF Rel 1.1.2 and how to use it

JOSIF Release Planning

Release Planning for Rel 1.2.0 and Rel 1.2.x

Release Plan 1.1.2

Project Documentation


Overview Provides an introduction to this project

Presentations and White Papers

Presentations and White Papers Provides overview papers and presentations describing the project

JOSIF Guidebook

JOSIF Guidebook Overall JOSIF Guidebook containing the documenation for modeling and building interfaces

JOSIF Framework

JOSIF Framework Describes the JOSIF Framework Projects which are concerned with tools to define the interfaces

JOSIF Platform

JOSIF Platform Describes the JOSIF Platform project which is concerned with tools and libraries to create interface implementations

TIP Interfaces

TIP Interfaces Describes interface projects which are defining and creating TIP interfaces using the TIP Framework

Project Structure

Project Structure Describes the overall structure of the project and the relationship between the components

Project Management

Project Management is a page referencing the project managment documentation for the project

Version Numbering

Version Numbering Describes the version numbering scheme used for components

Bug Tracker

Bug Tracker Discussion on using the MantisBT Bug Tracker for Issue and Roadmap management

TIP Workbench Installation

TIP Workbench Installation describes the steps to install TIP Workbench.

Getting Started

Getting Started Provides help for developers wishing to use artifacts from or contribute to the project

Developers Sandbox

Developers Sandbox Pages for each developer to describe the work they are doing in their private sandbox subversion branches

Backup Process

Backup Process Description of Site backup process to be used for this project

Frequently Asked Questions

Developers Frequently Asked Questions Set of assorted questions or problems which are commonly asked

RI Guidebook

RI Guidebook Overall JOSIF RI Guidebook containing the documenation for implementing interfaces

CTK Guidebook

CTK Guidebook Overall JOSIF CTK Guidebook containing the documenation for testing interfaces

Modifying this Wiki

Before modifying this Wiki, please see details of the OpenOSS Wiki conventions and MediaWiki help in Help on the side bar.

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