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The TIP Implementation Project gladly welcomes developers, particularly those with network management experience, to become involved in furthering the project. This page describes the legal 'nuts and bolts' you need to be aware of when getting involved.

TIP Implementation Charter

The TIP Implementation Project is governed by a charter approved by the Telemanagement Forum (TM Forum The charter describes the main goals of the project from the perspective of the TM Forum membership.

Anyone can download and use the software developed by this project but in order to contribute code to the project, TM Forum members and non-members must first sign a contributors agreement with the TM Forum. This is described further in the Charter. Signed documents must be either faxed to the TM Forum NJ office (+1-845-738-9846) for the attention of Alicja Kawecki, or a scanned version should be emailed to Alicja. Alicja will keep track of all the forms that she receives.

Patches will gladly be accepted for review by the development team from signatories to the contribution agreements.

To be granted commit access to the subversion repository, potential developers must in addition be sponsored by a existing committer to the project for approval by the TIP Steering Committee.

TM Forum Members Contribution Agreement

Members of the TM Forum should sign the Members Contribution Agreement

TM Forum Non-Members Contribution Agreement

Non Members of the TM Forum should sign the Non Members Contribution Agreement

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